Office ToGo Відгуки

Worst app!

Said it could fill forms, NOT! Typing a word and then having to move it on the line you want? Stupid, another app in the Apple Store not worth the money, I got ripped off once again!


Extremely useful! I am a student and I am using the app on my iPhone. Its amazing how you can create rich documents and PDFs on the go. Its very convenient, simple and FAST! I recommend it for all my colleagues.

Documents lost

I had lots of documents saved on office to go and one day everything was gone. So now I am just without.


Exactly the app I've been looking for. I needed an office app for school and this is the perfect app for me. It works flawlessly. I haven't had a problem to this point. The best part is it works with many different extensions from Microsoft office.

I want a refund

I just started, it has crashed like 5 times,I'm editing a pdf n it's making me loose my work with every crash! Ain't nobody have time for that, I want an app that works all the time n saves ur work as u go... I wasted my time reading reviews n paying n downloading this for nothing!! Ugh I'm done

Super convenient!

As a student the ability to edit documents on the go is invaluable, which is exactly what this app provides. I can scan, edit, and create documents anytime I need too. Great app especially for students.


**I prefer using this app for my iPad it is a little bit more difficult to use on the phone but still functional. The layout of the app is very much like iBooks, very clean and keeps the files on shelves, which is really nice. I RECOMMEND READING THE HELP.pdf before doing anything in the app. This explains all of the functions used. It will save the user a lot of time figuring out the app by reading the document I prefer using this app for my iPad it is a little bit more difficult to use on the phone but still functional. The layout of the app is very much like iBooks, very clean and keeps the files on shelves, which is really nice. I RECOMMEND READING THE HELP.pdf before doing anything in the app. This explains all of the functions used. It will save the user a lot of time figuring out the app by reading the document It’s an amazing “all-in-one” app. This app is literally like carrying a high tech version of Microsoft office. This app is compatible with PDF, WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT. One can email, fax, or print documents. The document is also MAC and PC compatible. It is pretty easy to get the files off the phone/iPad simply plug in the gadget and pull off the files. The best feature I found about this app is the ability to save it to PDF form and then annotate the PDF document. As a script editor this tool is invaluable. This app is also AirPrint capable, which is pretty cool. And if the printer is not AirPrint capable the app offers customer support to help with the set up, which many other apps do not offer. This app is literally like carrying a high tech version of Microsoft office. This app is compatible with PDF, WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT. One can email, fax, or print documents. The document is also MAC and PC compatible. It is pretty easy to get the files off the phone/iPad simply plug in the gadget and pull off the files. The best feature I found about this app is the ability to save it to PDF form and then annotate the PDF document. As a script editor this tool is invaluable. I can make notes by typing text, I can highlight text, and I can use my finger to circle problematic errors. This app can be used for anyone who uses Microsoft office on a daily basis and is on the go! This app is also AirPrint capable, which is pretty cool. And if the printer is not AirPrint capable the app offers customer support to help with the set up, which many other apps do not offer.

Great And Useful Tool

This app is extremely useful and makes life much easier for anyone from a college student, to a professional who needs to access documents or upload them on the go. It is very easy to take pictures with your phone of any documents with annotations and essentially take a picture/scan them and have them instantly uploaded onto your main computer. For people who use word, excel, or even powerpoint transferring or creating these things is a very seamless process. It does also allow you to fax and email documents, although I really don’t have the need to do this. This app is great and I would Highly recommend it to anyone.

Perfect for people on the go

Office 2go is an awesome app for creating, editing, and converting documents right on your mobile device. I have this on my iPhone 5 and use it all the time when I'm traveling. It's become an invaluable tool when I need to alter or convert my work remotely. Sometimes it's tough to get to a computer, so having the ability to make a PDF or alter an attachment is amazing. You can make all the edits you normally would on the computer, like changing font, colors, add diagrams and photos. Just about anything. The coolest thing you can do is take a photo of a document and turn it into a PDF or editable document. How awesome is that! It's like having a document scanner in your pocket. There's also the ability to mark up a document using your finger, kind of like drawing on a tablet. This app is really great for the casual document user or busy business professional.

Convenient, Simple, and Necessary

I needed an app to scan documents into PDF files immediately. I’d often have to sign a form and have to fax it over. Faxing became annoying, especially with this app because how fast it is. It takes seconds to scan a file and email it to whoever I need it to. Also, I love that I can make formal documents right from my iPad and have it properly formatted and transfer it right over to my iphone for review. Overall A+ app. needed it to save to while working!

Can't live without it

I have been using this app on both my iphone and ipad and find it incredibly useful. The fact that I can read, create and edit documents with it is priceless. The additional features are just icing on the cake. I love there is a voice recorder and fax feature, both of which I have used when travelling. The pdf converter is also very useful as I used to have a separate app for that. Being able to put in handwritten notations and images is a plus as well. Awesome app that I couldn't live without at this point.

Seriously awesome

I was just looking for a simple Officey-Word type program, but this is so much more. From my iPhone, I can scan and PDF documents. I can print, email, fax (I mean, FAX) and even take photos of whatever document I want. It's not buggy or crashy like similar programs and I can edit spreadsheets. I mean really just awesome. I had Documents To Go and I wish I had just bought this one first.

Lots of functionality and easy to use

Office to Go has helped my business in ways that I never thought an app could. I used word document a lot, but I recently purchased a new iPad and was needing something similar. I was actually searching for micros offs word document when I stumbled upon this app. It was cheaper than what I had paid for Microsoft's products and it had a lot of functionality. Being able to scan documents, create PDF files, and being able to transfer my documents to a computer, was what initially sold me on this app. Now that I have had a chance to play around with it, I'm really starting to like it. It is easy to use and, because it's an app, I can take it anywhere.

Great for getting ideas out while on the go

My favorite feature in the Office ToGo is being able to create a drawing and the choice of formats to save it. I use it to create rough sketches of ideas that I have. Being able to save it as a .png, .jpeg, and .pdf makes sharing ideas and documents quick and easy.

Awesome application

I use this app while on the go, since I have to travel a lot for work. Being able to fax and formulate documents increases my productivity. Definitely check this app out, the scanner feature is a lifesaver and conversion options also come in handy.

All in one ! 👍👍

I am so happy with this ... It has really made things simpler for me . Very basic layout and easily understandable features . MS office viewer , docs scanner , voice recorder , docs editor .... Everything in ONE app !! I couldn't have asked for more .. It's a steal for $0.99 and is reallly convenient .. Thank you Nexscience LLC for developing such a useful app that offers such a wide variety if features ... I'm definitely buying your other apps as well .

Loving It!

I was searching for an office program for my iPad when I found Office ToGo. I decided to try it, as have tried many similar apps, and this by far the best available app! Rich-text documents, voice recorder, spreadsheets – it lets me do anything. The handwritten notes feature is a definite plus, and I like that I can turn all of my documents into .pdfs. Transferring my files to my PC wirelessly has helped a lot! I can even fax my documents (you’d be surprised how many people still used fax machines). I can insert pics from my camera, and email any doc via email. This app also lets you scan documents and print them wirelessly. With the .pdf sign and send feature, I can electronically sign my docs and get some deals going direct from my iPad! Note-taking in meetings is much easier. Highly recommended for the working professional. Being able to create folders and subfolders in my favorite part of this app – I HATE going through files, and this makes it easy. Highly Recommended – thanks Nexscience!

Time saver! So worth it!

Office ToGo is an amazing all in one app! I absolutely love the voice recording feature and the document scanner. You can connect your Dropbox or SkyDrive and I’m sure there are more offered as well. That way you can upload files there and instantly have them on your iPhone or iPad. I love that it’s compatible with the whole Microsoft office suite bundle; it really is useful when you’re on the go and a co-worker or partner in a group assignment has a question about something and you need to take a look. I don’t know how many times I’ve used it for that already, I’m on the train around Chicago and I can help others while I’m doing my own thing. It’s a huge time saver which makes it invaluable in itself. However, not only can you view documents from others but you can also create documents or PDF’s yourself if you need to. I have used that a few times as well if I get a good idea for a paper or I’m stuck on something creatively and it’s always in the back of my head waiting for an idea, I get to write it down immediately so I don’t forget it and if you need to be hands free just use the voice recorder. This app really has you covered whatever the situation may be. I definitely recommend this app and I hope that it’s as useful to all of you as it has been for me! I wanted to add on to my old review for this new update. I love how they add new features and keep the app updated and functioning properly. I've had other similar apps that don't get updated or they put it out and forget about it so this is so great!

Great App!

Office ToGo is a great app. I use it on my iPad when I am on the road and it serves me well. It offers a variety of document templates, sample letters and emails. I make use of the templates, sample letters and emails. Creating, editing, saving and finding your documents is very easy. In Office ToGo you can create plain text, rich text, spreadsheets, draw and record voice memos. You can also scan a document and an image. Your files can be transferred through wifi. Office ToGo allows you to access and save files in Google Drive and Dropbox. It also gives you the option to connect an external monitor. It is very user-friendly.

Great app for students!

This app is great for students who are always on-the-go. I am able to create and edit Rich text docs, spreadsheets, and create PDF files from scanned documents. This is very useful when I need a document from my iPhone, I can easily wireless transfer it to my Macbook. This eliminates the process of emailing a document and re-opening it again on my Macbook. I am also able to view other files such as, powerpoint, excel, and iWork. Another cool feature is faxing documents from my mobile device. Can't get any better than this!


Office to go is a great app for my iPad and iPhone. Since my business is mobile a good deal of the time this is a fantastic solution. I like how I am able to store documents for easy sending. I can also access all types of files from my Dropbox and Google drive so it is really convenient. The coolest feature by far is the Document Template. There are tons of templates to choose from which is great for drafting up quick corrspondence. If I do need to give a presentation, there is an external display feature that is absolutely priceless. With this app not only can you store documents but you can send and print them as well, it is like a true mobile office. I like having a direct link to customer service as well but so far I have not had any issues and would highly recommend this app.

Amazing doc editor!

Office ToGo is like having MS Office right on your phone! Such a feature rich document editing app. You can create word documents and edit them from your phone, make spreadsheets, edit pdfs and a lot more. You can also draw directly on the app and highlight and edit pdfs. You can also transfer documents to your computer or Mac. The new update is fantastic and this app works like a charm. I haven't had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

Nice Tool

I like this app, found it to be very helpful… like that you can scan documents, make PDF files, make annotations and write some notes right there, and than to transfer all your stuff to a computer. Everything seems to work smooth, didn’t see any problems with the app functionality, and navigation is pretty much self-explanatory. Created and worked with spreadsheets documents a couple of times, very handy too. I did try to view PowerPoint presentation and it seems fine as well. For people who work a lot with rich texts and PDFs, it’s a nice office tool. You can insert pictures, make your notes, edit the text, and of course, all regular editing features are there too… you can add bullets, align text, change fonts, size, color, sign and send documents, crop scanned images, record your memos, and etc. I like that I can organize all my files in different folders, and keep all my work just in one spot. You can fax documents, though i didn’t try it yet, and they offer a free customer support, pretty nice. And the last thing that I use often is to scan, sign, and send… really helpful. Overall it’s a great office tool. Highly recommend!

Best all in one package

So I downloaded the Office ToGo app and I got to say, it does a lot of things right. Now if you’ve read the description, you should know that it says it does several things, such as being a Microsoft Office Viewer, PDF Maker, Voice Recorder, Spreadsheet & Document editor, as well as Document Scanner and File Manager. Now starting out with the Voice Recorder since that’s the most recent feature I used. So I had classes earlier and decided to test out the recorder during one of my lectures. It’s easy to start up and has pretty good quality when listening to the recorded audio. I’ve actually used several audio recorders before, on my iphone and on my Moto X (that I had previously), and I go to say Office ToGo’s probably on the top in quality and fidelity wise. Next I’ll go briefly into some of the other features I used, First off you can connect to SkyDrive and Dropbox for any of the software, so if you’re a cloud fan then this is perfect for you. I tried creating multiple PDF’s offline (as well as online) and I got to say it worked pretty much the same on both, I didn’t find any large or marginal differences in the timing, which is good for those who prefer to work offline or just don’t have access to wi-fi when on the road. I was able to access the files I edited and everything that I edited was there and saved. I st Overall, an awesome app that really is the “whole package”. If you’re looking for a single whole package instead of buying all of the software that this app has to offer separately, then this is the app for you.

Excellent App! Would recommend

I work from home and I am always mobile. This app has been a lifesaver in accessing and editing documents on the road. I would recommend to anyone who needs a mobile office.

Apple 8.1 update ?

It does not seem to like OS 8.1; keeps dropping out when I advance pages in docs or slides

terrible application

This is a terrible application. It gives the appearance that is has all sorts of capabilities but it was not designed and tested out with the users in mind.

Colorful and Useful!

I’ve been looking for a good office suite for quite a while and I was pleased that a friend turned me on to Office ToGo. More than anything, I like that the developers seem to be listening to their reviews and comments and are actively adding features that are being requested – that’s definitely something I haven’t seen in the bigger players. Just the ability to do all the rich text stuff with colors and charts and everything has been the biggest boost to my productivity. You just can’t work in black and white anymore. I’ll definitely recommend this to friends of mine as well.

Portable office.

I love taking a word type edition with this much power on the go. Getting emails with docs. And being easily able to change it right on my table it's a huge time saver. The layout and feel of this really is worth the price. The best feature it defiantly the document scanner so I can send my recipes in PDF to my boss.

Much needed

Office To Go is a great app for anyone who needs to type and retrieve documents on the go. I I have stored documents and files for school and work. The app allow you to use manage and retrieve your files and documents in Google Drive. The app also allows you to pull your files from Dropbox. My class projects and files are created on a Google drive this allows me to manage my projects on the go as well as in class. I often send and view documents and resumes from Dropbox so this works out perfectly. The bonus about the app is that it has stored document templates to use. The voice feature lets me just say my notes and it will transcribe creating pdf doc.If I just want a quick reference or template I can retrieve and save the file from this folder. The app is perfect for the on the go user and professional.

Easy on-the-go writing app

Office ToGo is a handy app for all of you on the go writing needs. Covers all the essentials to create and save a document from your mobile device. Drawing and voice capabilities further enhance the app. Works great with my iPad! The external display option makes it easy to share content during meetings.

Office ToGo is my GoTo App!

Wow! This is such a handy and useful, all in one, app! You can do almost anything you can think of that is office related with this program. Its capabilities range from creating word documents to making spreadsheets, creating voice recordings, writing notes, and scanning documents. I love how dropbox and other cloud services have been integrated into the app, so now I can access my files from anywhere I am. It is also so convenient to transfer the files I create or edit in Office ToGo to my computer wirelessly in just a few seconds. Office ToGo has become a staple on my iPhone and iPad. Amazing product and so worth every penny!

Everything in one

This app has everything I need in one. I used it on a friend's phone and I knew that I had to get it for myself. It was a great app and I couldn't ask for more from it. You can use it on your iPad and your iPhone both. As a writer, I need the extra help frm this app. It is amazing.

How can I get a Refund

Application does not really work, how can I get a Refund please?

Great for office management

Love it! I use google drive with our office employees. I can see what is happening in the office when I am away. This app is constantly open on my phone and iPad because I just use it that much. Best in 2014.

Awesome app for while on the go

I needed an app to help me with editing while on the go. Office ToGo app is the best. It is simple and very easy to use. I love the spreadsheet editor and pdf maker feature. The speadsheet editor lets me edit documents quickly and the pdf maker creates the pdfs very fast. This app is my favorite to use while I'm on the go to meetings. Highly recommended!

A students sidekick

This is a must for the busy user on the go! As a student, my days are spent creating, editing, sending, and sharing documents. I love the voice feature for taking notes during class or jotting down a thought when I'm on the go. My other favorite feature is the document scanner. Rather than hike across campus, I can scan with my phone and instantly upload them to Dropbox to share with my other writers. Definitely recommended!

Great App for the guy on the move!

My buddy turned me on to this, and I love it. I love that it works with my Skydrive and Dropbox. My staff can simply upload new documents and pdfs in my cloud, and I get to see them instantly. It's great when I am traveling or on the run from meeting to meeting. And the fact that it works with voice recording software allows me to take notes while I am driving and share them with my staff in my Dropbox. It's a real time saver that is invaluable. Great stuff!

Great APP. Works awesome

I have the ipad and I am on the move constantly, and this app has worked great, I can record my business talks I do. Also I can make the notes that I need to make with it. This app has it all for a business professional! Worth every penny of the 3.99!

Worth It, Works Great!

Office to go has everything a writer or business owner needs at the palm of your hand. Perfect for the "On the go" lifestyle. I Use this app everyday. It's quick and easy to use and is great for the ipad. There are many unique features that Ive noticed other similar office apps do not have. My favorite is the voice control feature. It allows me to speak quick notes and save my thoughts for later. It's perfect for sending emails and makes sending files to a computer or to a coworker a total breeze. I highly recommend this app. It's definitely worth having!

Smooth and Stable

Opens documents with ease and it's a smooth experience going through them. Stable and simple app, very good. Offers much templates to work on, Also supports rich text editing. Can do editing in my documents without internet connection. Plus able to sync with dropbox and google drive. A complete package (Y)

Can't edit docs except those saved in HTML

Not clear from description

I do Not like

I thought this will be better,but you can not load files easyly. I recomend buy the other office.

Documents and Sreadaheets

It's nice to be able to create documents and spread sheets on your iPad even when you are not online. PDF converter is also a nice feature. Overall a very good app. One improvement that can be made is to add support for Visio drawings.

Document Scanner

Besides documents editing, scanner is a good feature. I am able to quickly scan docs and convert to PDF. This makes it easy to capture class lectures ad convert them to PDF. Good app for students. Like it.


Good for document and spread sheets editing.

Office Docs

Impressive list of features. Liked the easy document editing and sharing feature. Wort it.


The app is packed with a bunch of useful features. I liked the document editing and PDF feature. Voice recorder is also very handy for casual meeting recordings.

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