Office ToGo App Reviews

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Worst app!

Said it could fill forms, NOT! Typing a word and then having to move it on the line you want? Stupid, another app in the Apple Store not worth the money, I got ripped off once again!


The app is packed with a bunch of useful features. I liked the document editing and PDF feature. Voice recorder is also very handy for casual meeting recordings.

Office Docs

Impressive list of features. Liked the easy document editing and sharing feature. Wort it.


Good for document and spread sheets editing.

Document Scanner

Besides documents editing, scanner is a good feature. I am able to quickly scan docs and convert to PDF. This makes it easy to capture class lectures ad convert them to PDF. Good app for students. Like it.

Documents and Sreadaheets

Its nice to be able to create documents and spread sheets on your iPad even when you are not online. PDF converter is also a nice feature. Overall a very good app. One improvement that can be made is to add support for Visio drawings.

I do Not like

I thought this will be better,but you can not load files easyly. I recomend buy the other office.

Cant edit docs except those saved in HTML

Not clear from description

Smooth and Stable

Opens documents with ease and its a smooth experience going through them. Stable and simple app, very good. Offers much templates to work on, Also supports rich text editing. Can do editing in my documents without internet connection. Plus able to sync with dropbox and google drive. A complete package (Y)

Worth It, Works Great!

Office to go has everything a writer or business owner needs at the palm of your hand. Perfect for the "On the go" lifestyle. I Use this app everyday. Its quick and easy to use and is great for the ipad. There are many unique features that Ive noticed other similar office apps do not have. My favorite is the voice control feature. It allows me to speak quick notes and save my thoughts for later. Its perfect for sending emails and makes sending files to a computer or to a coworker a total breeze. I highly recommend this app. Its definitely worth having!

Great APP. Works awesome

I have the ipad and I am on the move constantly, and this app has worked great, I can record my business talks I do. Also I can make the notes that I need to make with it. This app has it all for a business professional! Worth every penny of the 3.99!

Great App for the guy on the move!

My buddy turned me on to this, and I love it. I love that it works with my Skydrive and Dropbox. My staff can simply upload new documents and pdfs in my cloud, and I get to see them instantly. Its great when I am traveling or on the run from meeting to meeting. And the fact that it works with voice recording software allows me to take notes while I am driving and share them with my staff in my Dropbox. Its a real time saver that is invaluable. Great stuff!

A students sidekick

This is a must for the busy user on the go! As a student, my days are spent creating, editing, sending, and sharing documents. I love the voice feature for taking notes during class or jotting down a thought when Im on the go. My other favorite feature is the document scanner. Rather than hike across campus, I can scan with my phone and instantly upload them to Dropbox to share with my other writers. Definitely recommended!

Awesome app for while on the go

I needed an app to help me with editing while on the go. Office ToGo app is the best. It is simple and very easy to use. I love the spreadsheet editor and pdf maker feature. The speadsheet editor lets me edit documents quickly and the pdf maker creates the pdfs very fast. This app is my favorite to use while Im on the go to meetings. Highly recommended!

Great for office management

Love it! I use google drive with our office employees. I can see what is happening in the office when I am away. This app is constantly open on my phone and iPad because I just use it that much. Best in 2014.

How can I get a Refund

Application does not really work, how can I get a Refund please?

Everything in one

This app has everything I need in one. I used it on a friends phone and I knew that I had to get it for myself. It was a great app and I couldnt ask for more from it. You can use it on your iPad and your iPhone both. As a writer, I need the extra help frm this app. It is amazing.

Office ToGo is my GoTo App!

Wow! This is such a handy and useful, all in one, app! You can do almost anything you can think of that is office related with this program. Its capabilities range from creating word documents to making spreadsheets, creating voice recordings, writing notes, and scanning documents. I love how dropbox and other cloud services have been integrated into the app, so now I can access my files from anywhere I am. It is also so convenient to transfer the files I create or edit in Office ToGo to my computer wirelessly in just a few seconds. Office ToGo has become a staple on my iPhone and iPad. Amazing product and so worth every penny!

Easy on-the-go writing app

Office ToGo is a handy app for all of you on the go writing needs. Covers all the essentials to create and save a document from your mobile device. Drawing and voice capabilities further enhance the app. Works great with my iPad! The external display option makes it easy to share content during meetings.

Much needed

Office To Go is a great app for anyone who needs to type and retrieve documents on the go. I I have stored documents and files for school and work. The app allow you to use manage and retrieve your files and documents in Google Drive. The app also allows you to pull your files from Dropbox. My class projects and files are created on a Google drive this allows me to manage my projects on the go as well as in class. I often send and view documents and resumes from Dropbox so this works out perfectly. The bonus about the app is that it has stored document templates to use. The voice feature lets me just say my notes and it will transcribe creating pdf doc.If I just want a quick reference or template I can retrieve and save the file from this folder. The app is perfect for the on the go user and professional.

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